Why Infrared Saunas

Taking regular saunas have proven to have a big impact on health.
Regular sauna therapy has a major impact on on our circulatory and respiratory systems, our immune functions, and helps stabilize the autonomic nervous system, which controls breathing, circulation and digestion. It also helps to reduce blood pressure, inflammation and arterial stiffness (an early sign of heart disease).  Infrared therapy has been proven to greatly assist in the detoxification of the body, killing many resistant types of bacteria and pathogens from our bodies, and even stimulating the production of collagen which helps reduce wrinkles and improves overall skin tone.

Full Session (60 minutes):  $65 
Quick Session (30 minutes)  $40.   
New Clients:  single session $30 or 3 sessions for $99.
A second person can be added to any session for $15

All sales are final and expire one year from date of purchase.